maximum flexibility

The S400 provides pleasant indirect general lighting. The horizontally-adjustable reading light adapts the S400 to every situation in the patient room. Energy-efficient T5 fluorescent tubes with an electronic ballast come as a matter of course. A night light can be realized with TC fluorescent tubes or energy-saving LED technology.

Not just pleasant on the eye:
the colour and brightness of the optional surrounding lighting are dimmable. The forwards-facing variant floods the fore acrylic cover with soft light. The version pointing to the ceiling floods the area above the S400 with the desired level of light. The use of state-of-the-art RGB LED technology makes both types not only attractive, but economical.

Medical personnel can use the S400 to react flexibly to different room occupancy patterns, producing a number of scenarios. The bedside table can be placed to the right or left of the bed, thus responding to various patient symptoms (such as one-sided paralysis).

The coloured or patterned plastic inserts for the acrylic front enable different accents to be set.